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1. About Pre-Primary:

The Pre – Primary Wing, of Krishna International Public School - Patan is bubbling with life of three to five year olds, who need special handling, have activities planned for them taking care of their emotional, social and physical well being. The children indulge in multifarious activities throughout the year. These activities are an integrated part of the curriculum and substantiate class room learning, helping in moulding a multifaceted personality. In the Pre Primary, students are given strong foundation of social, emotional, physical and academic skills to become productive learners, effective communicators and responsible students. We lay stress on activity based integrated learning.

2. Syllabus:

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3. Classrooms:

The Nursery and Prep classes are housed in this wing. All the classrooms are made child friendly by painting colourful motifs and characters on the walls, which give them winsome view. Great efforts have been put by the school to select an appropriate theme to make children enjoy every moment of their presence in school. Each classroom has two teachers and one maid. The student's teacher ratio is a very favourable. To reduce the burden of heavy bags, pigeon holes/shelves are provided for every student within the classroom.

A. Nursery:


B. Junior Classroom:


C. Senior Classroom:


4. Activity Corner:

Pre-School section is the hub of activities with specially designed Activity Rooms. The activity room is stocked with Educational Play Systems, Toys and Games that help the little children to enhance their cognitive, problem solving, motor and muscular skills. There is a Performing Arts Room with a mini stage to train students for public performance & develop confidence before an audience thus getting over stage hesitation. It is also used for training and celebrating all festivals with interactive tableaux.
The school lays great stress on inculcating in its students, the Indian cultural heritage and tradition by celebrating all important Indian festivals and birthdays of great leaders and philosophers. Special Days like Mother's Day, Friendship Day, Grandparent's Day and Smiley Day etc. are celebrated through special assemblies.

A. Indoor Activities:

Pre-primary is the first step to formal education. This is the initial period where the children spend few hours independently without their parents. This is the base for further education. Keeping in mind this we organise our schedule and activities accordingly. Our pre-Primary class we have free play activities like stringing the beads, scribing, clay modelling, paper crumpling, paper tearing, palm printing, finger printing, etc.For developing fine motor skills.

B. Outdoor Activities:

The heart of the school is the most attractive activity room furnished with colourful, non-toxic toys and furniture. This is the most sought after room in the kindergarten wing where the tiny-tots explore and learn, developing their motor skills while playing. The toys and play articles have been carefully selected to offer a healthy exposure to the little ones to sharpen their intellectual and reasoning skills. An outdoor play-station installation is another hunted spot for the kindergarteners.